About me - Artist Statment

I am a Visual Artist living in Chicago. Paint is my medium, my first (visual) language if you will, though I employ a breadth of drawing, mixed media, collage, and assemblage media as well.

This site contains work spanning years the oldest pieces dating back to my high school days when I began forming my process at the Chicago Academy for the Arts. My studies under then Department Head Glenn Rupert gave me the inspiration and conviction to make Visual Art my career.

I went on to get my BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) in 2012

I see my art as building on traditional process' of observation and representation too achieve expressive and poetic power. I work to free observed subjects from their inherited allusions, focusing rather on the beauty and sense of their appearance. At times this process serves as a spring-board into imagining new colors and forms. There is no hard line where observation ends and imagination takes over. I swing from one and of the pendulum to the other blending the two.

I do not consider this to be  a process of "Abstraction" in the Art Historical, or Academic sense. Rather I see myself as conceiving unique representations from what I observe and the methods and I employ.

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